5 Reasons why you should move your business to the cloud

5 Reasons why you should move your business to the cloud

Cloud computing is not a new concept. It has been around for approximately 20 years. But in spite of its launch, many companies still operate the old-fashioned way. In itself, that is not necessarily a bad thing, but you know how the saying goes. Good is only good enough until something better comes up. And cloud computing is just that. As a business owner, we recommend that you start using the Cloud, and we will explain why.

You will gain flexibility

Let’s say that your business fluctuates. It has ups and downs throughout the year. Your bandwidth requirements vary, and you need to stay on top of things. How can you possibly do that with limited resources? Whereas the Cloud can give you that flexibility. If you need an increase, you have access to remote servers. If you need a decrease, again, flexibility plays a crucial role. Let’s take an online visa service, for example. We all know what happens on and off-season. Wouldn’t your business benefit more if it used the Cloud?

We use the Cloud for operational agility, and that will give you a real advantage over your competitors. And who doesn’t like that?

No software updates

Before thinking of everything else, we know that software updates are in charge of security. You need your business to be safe from corruption. When you use the Cloud, the servers are not your responsibility. They are not even on the premises. The supplier handles all that, and you do not even know when. Isn’t that the point? You have better things to think about. It is better to pour all that energy into growing your business, don’t you think?

No hardware costs

Why spend a small fortune on servers when you can just rent and use it as you go? You pay a subscription-like fee, and that should adapt quickly to your cash flow. Plus, imagine that you own the servers, and one of them suffers damage. Do you know what that means for your budget? It is quite a pickle to replace your own server. But you will not have this issue with the Cloud. If one of them fails, it is not your responsibility to replace it. You do not even have to support the costs.

You and your employees can work remotely

Nowadays, a lot of people work from home or other locations. Going down to the office is slowly turning into something of the past. When your business operated the old-fashioned way, that is not possible, while the Cloud allows you to work from anywhere. You can be in the middle of nowhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go. Plus, depending on the package you purchase, you have access to mobile apps as well. You are no longer restricted to one registered device.

Enjoy better security

Do you remember what happened when you lost a camera before you used the Cloud for storage? You lost all the pictures on it. That can happen with information about your business as well. People lose devices every single day. The problem is when you have sensitive information on your lost laptop or phone. That is the real tragedy. Using the Cloud means that you do not have to lose anything. Better yet, you can use the Cloud to wipe your laptop clean in case the information on it threatens your business’ security.

If you did not adopt the Cloud yet, we strongly recommend that you do. Just one of the benefits above should convince you to do it. Not to mention that the Cloud is more environmentally friendly, you can control documents better, it increases collaboration within your company, and you can recover better in case something terrible happens. Plus, remember that 94% of businesses that moved to the Cloud saw an improvement in their security. If that does not convince, nothing else will.

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